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"Waiting for a flash of enlightenment in all this blood and thunder."

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I'm Sam.

I really explained my likes in "interests" below. I am a really easy person to get along with. Open to pretty much anything (don't see the point in restricting my life to stringent rules all the time). I see myself as a good person who holds high standards for human rights and respects peoples views, no matter what. I am deeply in love with my fiance. My favourite thing to do is watch top tele shows/movies with friends and draw art.

I'm very vocal and empathic. I really enjoy hugs, kisses and love. I believe that everything in life happens on purpose, so if you are here reading this, I reckon there's a reason. I tend to trust people and see the good in others no matter how much they try to hurt/hate me - I find that hating someone/something takes too much of my energy.

So yeah, please check out my DA art account! Xan's Art http://joeywaii.deviantart.com

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