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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - "Click" Part 3

Title: Click (Part 3 of 3)
Fandom: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, they belong to Shane Black (the comedic genius.)
Summary: Rated NC17 for swearing and sex. Perry finds Harry in a comprimising situation and goes about helping him.

Thank you once again to gentlemanlycad  for betaing this monster <3

Click Part 1
Click Part 3

“Perry, please don’t kill me.” Harry stammers. He’s shattered on scotch-whiskey, bound to Perry’s bed head with those damn handcuffs, totally naked and sporting a swollen cock. Perry’s notices the bright little square packs and bottle of lube and the last thing on Perry’s mind is murder.

“Harry. I...” He doesn’t even know what to say, stunned and frozen in the doorway. “What the fuck is this?” He finally responds, brain melting out one side of his head.

Harry pulls against the cuffs, hiding his head as best he can. Perry is expecting him to fly into a ramble of explanation but instead gets a sob. Seeing Harry so forlorn is the worst. The tall blonde moves further into the room. He doesn’t want to get any closer, his head clouded by what is the right and wrong response in this situation.

“I’m such an idiot, like you always say, and I’m drunk and saw the handcuffs and-” Harry’s face streaks with tears, Perry seeing how puffy his eyes are.

“This is why you’ve been weird.” He mutters under his breath, everything slotting into place. “But just to clarify, why are you, uhh, naked and cuffed to my bed?”

Something changes, the crying stops and the naked man gazes drowsily towards his friend. Harry’s eyes lock with Perry’s and a shiver runs right through the big tough guy, the dark lust looking at him causing his loins to stiffen even more. Harry runs his tongue over his lips.

“My cock wouldn’t stay down.” He whispers. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me.” As he speaks he bucks his hips upwards. Perry bites his lip at the comment.

He could screw his brains out, turn him to goo, send him back to last Christmas with pleasure, but if Harry woke up in the morning regretting what they’d done, he may as well have murdered him. He’s seen it before; straight guys with closet tendencies who sleep with a guy then feel so bad they give fellatio to a pistol. Perry knows the pain he’s felt at nearly losing Harry before on several occasions. The idea of never seeing him again makes him feel ache he hadn’t in years.

Harry is drunk. No, beyond that, he’s probably got alcohol poisoning, but the way he’s squirming, wrists red with struggle, begging to know what he’s been missing, Perry can’t ignore it. He knows he should probably tell Harry he’s retarded or something, unlock the cuffs and shove him in the shower until he vomits himself better. He should probably rant on about how Harry is straight and he’s not his type and insults him by asking how Harry thought he’d be attracted to him, making sure he never does this again. He should probably stick to the "not caring" thing. He should probably be a good friend. Alas, as he’d realized before, the man looked far too good all bruised up. Perry reminds himself how weird Harry has been acting and that gives him the green light to grant the kid’s dying wish.

He suddenly doesn’t care about right and wrong. He swaggers toward the bed; the feeling of Perry’s weight sinking the mattress makes Harry whimper. Perry, big strong Perry, crawls towards him, giving the same lusty stare right back. His unique lips are pressed right up to Harry’s ear, the brunette whining at their proximity and Perry breaths against his skin.

“What is this, Harry?”

“What does it look like?” Harry says cheekily, trying not to show how scared he is.

“It looks like what it is.” Perry can see him shaking.

“And what’s that?” His voice hitches between words.

Perry strokes his large hand up Harry’s leg all the way to his chest, passing his nipple on the way.

“Looks like a desperate attempt to get my cock inside you.” Perry tests the bounds; not everyone likes dirty talk. Harry takes to it well, keening into Perry’s touch.

Harry’s whines are delicious to Perry’s ears. He starts finding ways to cause him to make more, his tongue flicking out over Harry’s hot skin.

“Perry, I don’t want you to think I’m, um, I just-” He bites into his lip, turning away.

“Shut up, Harry. I know you’re drunk and I know your emotions are shit right now, but don’t you go turning yourself into a punching bag. I want you. I want to fuck you. So just shut up and take it.” He grabs the Johnny Walker, takes a big swig and throws it to the side, then takes Harry’s dick and starts rolling his palm against the head.

Harry is loud. Perry shouldn’t be surprised but hearing him call out at every touch is amazing. He strips to his briefs in front of Harry, body of a God, built like a tank, gold hairs glinting over his body. He’s got a bit of chub to him, but Harry finds himself attracted to whatever Perry’s body offers, wanting to feel every inch of it. Harry feels weak and small below him, but doesn’t care once Perry pulls his legs up and rests them on his shoulders. Harry is scared, knowing how much it’s going to hurt, feeling waves of guilt enhanced by the alcohol, ashamed of the position he’s allowed himself to fall into with this homosexual.

“Stop it!” He says out loud, banishing the irrational thoughts. This man is my friend, not some pervert, not a sinner or evil or any of that dumb shit and he’s incredibly hot and god he’s going to-

“Harry?” Perry says with worry. Harry looks up at him lazily and is shocked by the concern in those beautiful ocean-like eyes. The blonde God reaches his hand down and strokes Harry’s face and all his fears go away.

The throbbing between his legs reminds him of why he’s laying here like this and he lifts up to rub himself against Perry’s tight underwear. Perry shudders and grinds right back. He bucks into Harry’s thighs and groin, the handcuffs clinking with every movement. Perry can’t think very clearly with the way Harry is writhing, wanting to just push his legs open and sheath himself inside. He knows he needs to take it slow, work him into it, so he kisses down Harry’s leg until he’s biting his skinny thighs. Harry is panting now, Perry’s comparison of him to a pup confirmed even more by his yelps. He looks up Harry’s body, admiring it and making sure he catches his eyes before tasting his stiff penis in one big sweep. Perry’s mouth is magic, knowing just where to slide his lips and where to put pressure and had no trouble swallowing Harry whole. Harry’s had plenty of good blow-jobs, but the desire of needing it to be Perry made it a million times better. Perry grabbed his legs and urged him to fuck into his throat, Harry responding to the direction and began to thrust against Perry’s heated sucking. Perry had no problems working his tongue around the shaft and head and Harry bucked, needing to make sure Harry didn’t stop making those noises. He relished the sharp taste of Harry’s semen, welcoming a little more before stopping totally. Harry protested, calling him a bastard but was quickly groaning again when Perry lifts him right off the bed and began lapping at his ass. No-one’s ever done that before. He doesn’t have time to consider it being nasty before Perry’s tongue is probing within his walls and opening him up.

“Jesus, that’s good.” Harry hisses, white spots dancing in his eyes. Perry just snickers. He slicks his fingers with cool gel and warms it before pressing his thick forefingers against Harry’s hole.

“How’s that?” He coos. He’s never usually the considerate with his lays, but it’s well established that Harry is not going home in a cab in a few hours.

“S’good.” Is all Harry can manage? Trying to look sexy is either incredibly hot or downright amusing. Perry tries not to laugh at his drunken ‘come hither’ expression and continues to finger the entrance. He waits until Harry feels ready before slipping inside, Harry yelping and pulling away.

“Not good?”

“Ah, it’s just, I’m just-”

“It’s okay if you’re not ready for that, we’ll do something else.”

“No! I want you to fuck me!” Harry rages against the cuffs, more aggressive than he’d meant to come across. He adds a “Please?” to which Perry just cracks up at.

“Dumbass, you don’t have to be so polite.” He smiles. They’re talking. It’s not just drunken sex they won’t talk about tomorrow. Perry strokes along Harry’s belly, feeling a warm glow about himself that this is actually going well.

“I’m sorry, Perry. I know this is really over the top and strange and kinky. It’s exactly the kind of shit they talk about , that queers are deviants and don’t have normal sex. I’ve made it weird.” He starts crying again and Perry feels okay about moving up to hold him tight. He’s not into fuzzy wuzzy romance shit; he likes his sex to be sex and his everything else to stay the fuck out. Right now, Harry needs him and something in him wants to give him more than just physical satisfaction.

“Harry, Harry, Harry...” He ruffles his hair. “It’s not weird. It’s hot. I’ve never come home to something like this before. I wouldn’t be practically naked and wanting to have you if it was weird.”

Harry’s eyes lit up. “You really want me?”

Perry couldn’t believe he’d just said that. Instead of telling him he was dumber than a sack full of dead rabbits, he kissed him deeply. Harry kisses back meekly, Perry pleased by how great it feels to kiss him. Harry bites him so he’ll stop and growls. Perry frowns and Harry says “Don’t be gentle.”

Perry needs nothing else to have him back between Harry’s legs, tugging on his erection and swirling his fingers against him. This time, Harry’s entrance is slack and it’s easy for him to slide into him. He moves into his knuckle then explores him, smiling darkly at Harry’s incredible cries. He flinches as his arm hair gets caught in the cuffs but doesn’t care when Perry fills him with a second finger. Harry moves against the touch, needing more of it. Perry continues to fondle Harry’s ass as he quickly pulls off his jocks, puts on a rubber. He pushes his cock against Harry’s backside, showing him what he’s about to take.

“I’m gonna fill you up Harry. I’m gonna fuck you so hard you don’t know your name.” Perry growls. Harry whines and nods, bucking to show him he wants it.

Perry breaches his virginal self, Harry crying out at the pain and pleasure all wrapped into one explosive feeling. It should hurt more, but the alcohol numbs it. Perry grabs one leg and lifts Harry like a doll, having no issue man-handling him into a good position. The feeling of the bigger male over him, taking total control has Harry in ecstasy. He feels so safe. Perry is moving purposefully, strong slow strokes as he pulls all the way to his head and then pushes back in to Harry to get his passage used to the feeling. He picks up the pace according to Harry’s need. Harry starts to whine, the fullness making him want to blow his load right there. He demands Perry fuck him and his request is filled, Perry’s cock much like it’s owner, huge and hot, slamming into him. The world shakes as they rock back and forth, the bed sliding on the floorboards. Harry is making a right mess of the sheets and himself, lighting shocking him each time Perry rams his prostate. The pleasure builds even higher when he looks at Perry and has a moment of realizing who it is again, taking in his amazing lips, his incredible features, and his strength. He’s always reminded him a bear, rough but beautiful. With Perry’s penis actually inside him, Harry can’t control himself, his body limp under the touch, letting everything out, giving it all over to this titan of a man. He throws his legs around Perry and clings, thrusting himself into the rhythm. His arms shake ferociously from pleasure, the cuffs making his skin raw. Perry watches Harry spill streams of white pearl over them both, reaching out to his face to stroke the tears away and then fucks him as hard as he can without breaking him until Harry screams so hard he loses his voice. He isn’t even on the bed anymore, held up by Perry’s body and the cuffs, grinding hard onto the penetration. Harry’s stiffness twitches hard, a final release shooting against Perry’s chest, and Harry collapses in a trembling, shiver, shaking wet heap.

Perry carefully finds a way to lay and hold him without pulling out of him, knowing he needs some time, licking the sweat from his face and kissing him softly. Harry whimpers into him, crying about how incredible it felt and that he’s never felt that way before and thanking Perry for not kicking him out. Perry hushes him and just listens to his heart beat. He was already tired from the day and Harry is exhausted from crying. Perry finds the key to the cuffs discarded on the floor and lets Harry free, holding him close. They explore each others bodies with affection, excited by that feeling of something new and unknown. Harry’s still not sure what the feeling means and Perry is certain Harry will freak out more than once about what’s going on, and they’ll yell at each other till they’re blue in the face and Harry will probably run away until he comes back tail between his legs, but for now, they’re happier than either of them have felt in a long time.


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Aug. 20th, 2010 12:14 am (UTC)
Some tipoes here, as well.

Loved this story, very very very much. Written very well, and so touchingly, and hot, and amusing, and crazy romantic. High points.
Aug. 20th, 2010 05:40 am (UTC)
Typos? Hmm, I may need to scour back through this one too.

Wonderful! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it so much and gave some great feedback <3
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*is dead from the wonderful sexy happy*

*will make further comments when brain is back to working order*
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<3333 *revives*
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Lovelovelove this whole thing! *swoons* ♥
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<3333 Thanks dear!
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Aug. 21st, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
<3333 Thank you dear! Hope it hit the spot ;D YOU CAN PUT THEM IN MY PANTS!
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